April 13, 2011

Europe, I'll be there... (Chasing Liberty expected)

[Prolog] Well, 4 jam di depan laptop ternyata tidak menyurutkan semangat saya untuk menulis blog yang ingin saya tulis dari malam sebelumnya. Masalahnya adalah saya lupa topik apa yang pada malam itu mau saya tulis. Jadi kesimpulannya, 4 jam di depan laptop hanya untuk mengingat dan mencari tau topik yang sedang saya inginkan (tingkat kepikunan sudah akut).

By the way, did you ever watched "Chasing Liberty"? First time I watched it on TV and all of sudden I have a big intention to be there. Sure, Europe is a great place that you can find if you want to spend your holiday or honeymoon. Woohooo... But you have to prepare a lot of money. The rate of exchange is killing! LOL... But it's not a big deal as long as we can find the panorama and the experience :D

From so many countries in Europe continent, I'm interested to Venice in Italy. Yeah, the scene when Anna and Calder (in the movie) kissing on Gondola was in Venice. Well, that scene makes me so envy and keep imagine it even I'm sleep. God damned Mandy Moore, she went to the most romantic place and kissed a super hot guy, Mathew Goode (see him in my before articles --> Pengganggu Pikiran Saya). I saw this beauty place too in The Tourist, Angelina Jolie and Johny Depp's Movie.

Picture of dining Alfresco in Venice, Italy
The beautiful sunset in Venice
Picture of Venice's phanorama
Okay, how about with bungee jumping? I think spur on adrenaline is a great idea to let out our weary. Like I did when I broke up awhile with my boyfriend. I was let everything out at Dufan by took a ride Halilintar, Kora-kora, and Hysteria. LOL XD How great day that was! And bungee jumping, I saw the scene of Chasing Liberty when Anna and Calder hugs each other then jumping from above of bridge in Austria.
Finally, German is the next country that I want to visit so much. I learnt their language when I was in high school, and I think Deutch is the hardest language that I have ever learn, it's like every single words have a gender. I mean how could you say the table is feminine if it hasn't genitals? LOL. I don't know how it could be that, but the important things are I have a good scores in my Deutch subject when I was high school, and maybe I can practice it if I leave in Germany :) Ich haise Liana, Ich komme aus Bekasi, und Ich liebe dich. Hahahaha... XD

Love Parade Festival in German
See the sunset from above bridge with my husband is my desire that I can't imagine. Hahaha... I'm so expected to find panorama like the village, where there's just me, reedy large field, the river with clear and cold water, cloudy sky, and wind blow softly. Hmmm... Where I can find the place like that?

England, France, Netherland, and Swiss are the countries that I want to visit too. Chasing Liberty inspired me to go abroad. Maybe somebody would say, "Tidur dulu baru mimpi" and hesitate your dream. But don't remind it, keep your dream while they laughing your dream.

Source: Many picture in Google

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